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Having an attractive brand design can make or break your business or blog.

So maybe you already have a business or blog, but you haven't been making progress, when it comes growing your customer base or audience. Or maybe you’re still in the planning stages for your new business or blog and you want to start on the right foot without wasting thousands on branding and web design.

  • You’re a passionate, hard worker when it comes to bringing your ideas and dreams to life, but things are hectic right for you now because you're juggling product creation, blog content planning, marketing...and not to, friends, eating, and sleeping!
  • And while you know you need a website that’s designed well, creating a strategy for it, always seems to fall by the wayside.
  • You aren’t sure where to begin and with your crazy schedule, your efforts in getting your website together have been unfocused and scattered without a real strategy
  • And unfortunately, when you cut corners on the design aspects of how you represent your biz or blog online, people will notice and it can be hard for you to get traction. 

Well, if no one else has you, I GOT you. I get it. I used to juggle this business with a 9-5, so I know how crucial it is to get the info you need...QUICKLY. I know you want to make things as easy as possible to avoid wasting time on nonsense, when it comes to your website.

Here at, I have resources that break down the basics of creating a website that's visually appealing and strategic, so your blog or business will get noticed and you can start building your customer base and audience. And if you’re ready to work with me, I offer services to create the website of your dreams for you.

  • If you're creating a totally new website or polishing up an existing website, you'll love my web design tips that you can implement yourself.

  • If you’re ready to offload the process of web design to an expert, my web design services are perfect for you.

  • And last, but not least, if you need a dose of inspiration to stay motivated along your entrepreneurial journey (we all need that from time to time!), I have inspirational posts that will inspire you to keep going.

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You can create your OWN opportunities to succeed with heart and determination.
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Starting my blog in 2014 helped me to discover new talents and skills, creating my own path in the world.

I started designing websites in 2014 with my very first lifestyle blog website. I quickly discovered I had a love for web design, so I started doing freelance work and I decided to further my skills with a Web Design Certificate and Visual Design course. I learned how to create visually-appealing, yet strategic websites organized for business results.

I used my skills to improve my lifestyle blog and I was featured in InStyle Magazine, Essence Online, Fashion Bomb Daily, and Jezebel Magazine. I also continued freelance web design and logo design. I later decided to make web design my sole focus and I discontinued the lifestyle blog. As an established expert in both areas, I was invited to serve as a panelist at a blogger and entrepreneur live panel event as the web design expert.

I’ve helped numerous clients to elevate their images online, become more credible, and make more sales with my services. I’ve even provided one-on-one website consultations and how-to workbooks to help clients to quickly improve their own websites for better usability and results. I graduated magna cum laude from Tuskegee University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

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So a little about me, the girl behind all this… I’m Keshia White, obviously! (lol) I’ve been living in Atlanta for the last seven years, working in corporate sales. I recently left the corporate world to focus on growing the business full time. I love food, music, and I’m a huge advocate for self-care and living your best and most authentic life. I love to cook, but I can be so basic when it comes to eating out. Give me a good burger and some fries and I am a happy girl. I love lattes and local quaint coffee shops, so I make it my mission to explore at least one local coffee shop in every city I visit. I'm an introvert, but I'm still goofy at times, and I love to laugh and dance. And, I’m a personal growth/self-help book junkie.

I am SO glad you stopped by my corner of the internet! I'm sure you're ready to dive in and create an authentic brand that gets noticed, right? Get started by signing up here and you’ll get my free 5-day branding email course straight to your inbox! Or if you’re curious about my design and branding services. Check that info out here.