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My purpose as a company is to serve my clients by creating strategic, intentional brands that attract premium clients.

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About Keshia M. White Designs

At Keshia M. White Designs, it was important to build a company on a foundation of integrity and purpose. The company values are:

Business-Focus: Designs are always created with a business mindset. Brand design elements are never chosen on a whim. It’s all purposeful to support clients’ business goals—whether it’s to attract more of their dream, high end clients or to get more leads for their email lists.

Excellent Quality: The standard for the quality of work is extremely high. There is no compromising on quality because value must always be delivered to my clients.

Customer Service: The company exists to serve the customers. Communication is timely and thorough on purpose. It’s important that clients feel supported at all times.

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About the Founder, Keshia M. White

To me, business is about doing what you love, serving others, and living a lifestyle that brings you joy. I love helping clients in coaching and consulting to position themselves online as the experts that they really are, using strategic branding.

It’s so inspiring for me to hear my clients tell the stories of the transformations and impact that they’ve created for others through their consulting, coaching, courses, and events.

I know having a brand built with a business strategy behind it, not only makes my clients prouder, it grows their sales by helping them attract more premium clients. This is because I always design with their target audiences and specific business goals in mind.

Starting a blog several years ago helped me discover a passion for design and online marketing. I loved the mix of creativity, business strategy, and problem solving that came with it.

Before diving into my business full time, I worked as Sales Business Consultant at one of the leading providers of marketing automation software. In that role, I advised business owners on their marketing strategies to help grow their businesses and impact.

Now, it’s so fulfilling for me to use my expertise in design and online marketing to help entrepreneurs take their brands to the next level. I’ve designed for coaches, speakers, consultants, and more. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Tuskegee University, a Web Design Certificate from Kennesaw State University, and I completed a Visual Design course at General Assembly.

Let’s create a brand together that will attract the premium clients you’ve been waiting for!

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