Video: 3 Tips for Creating a Premium Client Experience

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Part of attracting more premium clients is providing them with a premium experience when they receive coaching or consulting services from you. Premium clients aren’t necessarily shopping around for the cheapest option. They’d rather pay more for a great experience and great results. Because to them, their time is their most valuable asset and they’d rather get it right the first time, with a trusted and knowledgeable expert, instead of having to waste time doing things over if they went with an amateur who was the cheapest.

Here are the three tips for creating a premium client experience that will result in you getting even more referrals to your business! Check out the video or read the tips below!

Tip #1: Create a premium welcome experience.

When someone decides to work with you at a premium rate, it’s certainly not going to be cheap. So once they sign on to work with you, you want to give them some reassurance that they made the right decision with a nice welcome experience.

This could include a welcome gift being sent in the mail. It could include a page on your website to welcome them into the family with a welcome video or welcome message, past client testimonials, and any onboarding steps and systems they need to create logins for, and info on how they’ll communicate with you through the process.

This would be a page with a link that you’ll share with clients when they sign up to work with you.

Tip #2: Make communication effortless throughout the process.

When you don’t have a designated way to communicate, it’s easy for things to get messy. You could lose track of where people are in your process, you could lose track of feedback, and that will lead to confusion and a bad experience.

Get a system in place to keep things organized and to make things seamless for your clients. If you’re providing a done-for-you service, Asana is a great project management tool for keeping a project on track. If you’re doing coaching calls or group coaching you can have a certain email inbox for coaching client inquiries to keep things separate from other business emails, if you’d like.

Tip #3: Create a nice closing experience for your clients.

At the end of your process, you can send your clients a small gift in the mail to thank them for working with you. You can also give them support afterwards, by providing tips that will help them carry out what you taught them, in a client portal. This could be a password-protected page that only your clients have access to. If you have ways that your clients can continue to work with you, you can include that in the client portal too.

That’s it! Those are the 3 tips for creating a premium client experience! For more on this topic, check out my free training, How to Attract More Quality Clients & Grow Your Business without Spending Extra Time on Marketing. See you there!


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