Podcast: How to Deal with a Job You Hate

How to Deal with a Job You Hate

So, I certainly know a thing or two about working in jobs I’ve hated. That’s literally all I’ve done since leaving college 8 years ago. But I had bills to pay and no “employer-approved” experience for any of jobs that I really wanted, so I just had to roll with the punches and deal with it to make ends meet. Eventually, I decided to take matters into my own hands to pursue my business full time to create a job I’d love, instead of continuing to beg for it year after year. So I’m happy to finally be able to move on.

I know many people are in the same situation I was in, having to work in jobs they hate, just to get by, so I wanted to give you a few suggestions help you stay afloat until you can move on to your next chapter in life.

  1. Be grateful

    Gratitude lists have helped me become a better person, instead of a bitter person. LOL! I did them off and on for a few years, but during my toughest times, gratitude lists were what helped me lift my mood because I’d open my eyes to noticing that there’s so much more to be grateful for than I thought.

    Take the time every morning or night to write down at least 10 things you’re thankful for, big or small. If you’re feeling extra grouchy, do it every morning and night. I had a super rough period like that where I had to do gratitude in the morning and at night to stay sane. If you’re really ambitious, try to fill up a whole journal page with what you’re grateful for. That’s my current practice and I start my day with it almost every morning.

    If you’re having a particularly rough day, go to the restroom and write down a few things you’re grateful for on your notes app and remind yourself of what the job helps you to do in life outside of work.

  2. Do things that make you happy

    Happiness is so underrated sometimes. Little things like actually using your lunch break to try a new restaurant or coffee shop can do wonders for lifting your mood. I used to really maximize that time so I could come back energized to push through the afternoon. I’d also try to make fun plans for the evenings and weekends to give me things to look forward to.

    Yeah, the thoughts of having to go back to work always lingered in the back of my mind, but it was always nice to take my mind off it it with relaxing yoga classes after work, or a concert or fun event I had tickets for. Having things to look forward to help you push through the week faster.

  3. Find purpose outside the job

    Usually when you hate your job, it’s oftentimes because you feel you could be doing so much more. (That was the case with me…I constantly felt underemployed, underutilized, and trapped in that.) Is there a way that you to start using some of that untapped potential after work through a side hustle or by volunteering? Start looking for ways to create the opportunities you want for yourself.

    When I’d leave work in a bored, frustrated daze, I’d oftentimes head straight to a coffee shop and break out my laptop to work on my blog or business. I’d feel so filled up by the progress I was making on my own, instead of looking for someone else to give me the opportunities I wanted to do what I loved.

    You can also do things like joining the affinity (networking) groups in your company or local organizations, like the Urban League to get involved in tasks that you enjoy more and to meet new people.

  4. Stay positive

    Learning to control your mind throughout the day is everything, especially if you’re working in a toxic work environment. Something that really helps with this is meditation. Try to meditate at least once a day, even if it’s only 5 minutes and try reading “The Power of Now.” Learning to center into the present moment and focusing on the positive aspects in that moment helps a lot.

    I even had times where I was meditating twice a day to keep my mental strength going. Also, I know it’s hard (it was super hard for me), but try not to have prolonged frequent conversations about what you hate about your job outside of work. I’m sure your family and friends have heard it all before. Make the conversation about other things you do like in your life. You’ll feel better. As they say, focus on what you DO want to get more of that, not on what you don’t want.

  5. Take advantage of whatever they’re offering

    What benefits or perks does your job have lying around that you’re not taking advantage of? While you’re there and they’re sucking up all your time, suck up all their perks. Do they have a fitness reimbursement you’re not using? What about dental insurance for free teeth cleanings that you’re not getting? (I love my free teeth cleanings!) Do they have free food/snacks? Whatever it is, make the most of it, while you’re there.

Friends, I know it’s hard, but please stay strong through the transition process. Remember, that being in a job you hate is only temporary and you’ll soon make the changes needed to turn over a new leaf and to start doing what you love. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if they help you!