Video: 5 Things You Must Have for a Strategic Website Homepage

strategic homepage pinterest.png

Your website homepage is the VERY first impression that people get of your business and your brand. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to be strategic about how you design it. You want to convince your website visitors to stick around and explore, instead of “bouncing” to the next website or app that’s buzzing on their phone. You have wayyy too much value to offer and I want to make sure you’re able to properly show it off.

With a few simple changes, you can start getting better results, like more inquiries about your services, more email list signups, and even more product purchases. Yayy! In this quick video, I overview the 5 things your website homepage must have for it to be strategic. With these tips, you’ll leave a great first impression, so you can have people sticking around to find out more about who you are and what you do. Just press play on the video below to get the tips in detail!

Item #1: A beautiful banner image or video with a call-to-action

This item goes at the very top of your website so it’s crucial that it’s captivating to make an AMAZING first impression. The call-to-action helps you to direct visitors to a great opt-in incentive to grow your email list or to your products/services page to find out more about what you offer.

Item #2: Info about you and a photo of you

People want to learn more about YOU…the person behind the website. Be sure to inform visitors about who you are, when they first land on your website. By doing this, you can establish a connection with them much quicker than if you only inform people about who you are on your “about” page.

Item #3: Testimonials and/or logos for where you were featured

These items help you to establish credibility, which is crucial to building trust online. They’re great to display prominently on your homepage. Show off that glowing client testimonial or that feature you’re proud of. Your website visitors will be glad to see it!

Item #4: Summary of your offerings (i.e. your service types or product categories)

What are you offering in your business? Let people know about it upfront on the homepage. You don’t have to list every detail, but at least include a basic quick summary. They may not be ready to move forward with a purchase or booking you right away, but they at least need to be able to quickly understand what you do and how they can benefit.

Item #5: Email opt-in invite

This builds on item #4. You want to be sure to offer an email opt-in incentive to capture the contact info of your website visitors. Just because they’re not ready to buy right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. So when you keep in touch via email, you’re more likely to see them coming back to you when they’re ready.

I elaborate on these items in the video, and I also included 2 bonus items! ☺️ Just click play below.