Podcast: How to Design the Perfect Sales Page on Your Website

How to Design the Perfect Sales Page

A sales page on your website can serve many purposes, but most commonly it’s for selling services, like coaching or design, or digital products, like online courses or e-books. Sales pages must be designed in a certain way to address the specific problem that your product or service will solve, to show the benefits/results that you’ll help the customer get, and to establish some credibility, as to why you’re the person for the job!

With a bit of planning, you can design your own strategic sales page that will help you convert more of your website visitors into paying customers and clients! I included a fun graphic for this below, along with details behind each section. Let’s get started!

How to Design the Perfect Sales Page

Element #1: A compelling product name and value proposition.

Be intentional about the name of your product or service. Make sure it communicates what the product or service will do and it’s short and punchy. There’s no need to get overly long and wordy with it Keep it succinct and to-the-point. Also create a value proposition for the top promise of the what the product/service will help the buyer to achieve. Will it help someone master a specific skill or create a specific thing? Will it help them increase something (like sales or email subscribers) or lose something (like weight or debt)? By communicating a big promise from the start, you’re making your sales page that much more compelling.

Element #2: Tell the story of the struggles your ideal buyer may currently be experiencing.

This is where you put yourself into the shoes of your ideal buyer. What are they currently struggling with that your product/service will be able to assist them with? What limiting stories are they telling themselves? What are their frustrations? You can start this section with a phrase like, “Does this sound like you?” or “Does this sound familiar?” and go into a bullet point list of what their struggles might be or a short paragraph or two about the struggles. This helps the customer know that you understand where they are and you empathize with them.

Element #3: Paint the picture of what their lives will be like once they overcome those struggles.

You don’t want to get into your product details just yet. In this section, you want to solely focus on BENEFITS! Talk about what life will be like once they have pushed through the problems that they’re experiencing. You can say things like “Imagine having more time to do ___ while still making money” or “What if you could still eat what you enjoy while still losing weight?” —use the descriptive phrases and questions that are most suitable for the benefits that your product or service will provide. This helps show the customer that you know where they want to be and maybe you could be the person to help get them there!

Element #4: Introduce your offer.

This is where you want to introduce the specific product or service in more detail. You’d tell how your product or service is the answer for them to get the results they want. Talk about what they’d be getting and how they’ll overcome the struggles they’ve been experiencing once and for all. You should even include buttons to purchase in this area for the first time. (I say for the first time because we’re going to be putting buttons to purchase in multiple places on this page.) If you include both a one-time payment option and a payment plan option, include buttons for both options.

Element #5: Include testimonials.

People are skeptical by nature, especially on the internet! This is where testimonials will come in. You’ve made a bunch of great promises of how you can help, but people still usually wonder if you can be trusted and if you’ve actually gotten these results for anyone else. This is where it’s important to show some proof that you’ve helped others before. Include testimonials from happy clients or previous buyers, with their photos, if possible. Photos are always great to include to show you’re not making up testimonials. lol. Bonus points if you have video testimonials that you had a few of your previous clients or customers record!

Element #6: Include background info on you and your experience.

Again, you need to establish a bit of credibility here. Potential buyers aren’t going to take the time to click over to your about page to find out more about who you are and what makes you qualified to help them. This is why you must have a short summary of what makes you credible on the sales page. Include info about your experience, education, reiterate the results you’ve gotten for others, etc. Also, be sure to include a photo of yourself!

Element #7: Talk about the specifics of the purchase.

In this section, you want to outline the sections or modules, if the content is divided up into sections, you want to explain what the process of working with you will be like, how much time they’ll need to invest, etc. This section will show them the specifics of what exactly their paying for. This info is towards the bottom of the page because we want to make sure potential buyers understand the benefits, first and foremost. People who have gotten this far down the page, may be on the ledge and once you outline the specifics here, this might be the trigger that causes them to go ahead and hit that purchase button. So in this section, we also want to include more purchase buttons.

Element #8: Finally, include an FAQs section.

Think of any possible FAQs that potential buyers would have beforehand. These could really just be any objections that they may have to buying. So by addressing the FAQs on the actual sales page, you’re able to eliminate those concerns right away, which can result in more purchases! So put the purchase buttons in this section again to close out the page!

That’s it! With these 8 elements, you’ll have a sales page that clearly communicates a specific solution to a problem your customer/client has, communicates the benefits to them, establishes credibility, and overcomes objections to influence purchases! Happy selling! :)