Video: How to Get the Best Experience Possible with Your Web Designer

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Everyone knows that having a good website is one of the first steps to establishing yourself as a serious business owner. But there are two routes you can take to get this done…the “DIY” route or the “hiring a designer” route. The DIY route can save you a lot of money, but you’ll have to invest time in place of the money. And for a Web Designer, yes, it’s an investment, but it’ll relieve you of having to invest time in doing the website yourself. Decisions, decisions!

If you’re leaning more towards the “hiring a designer” side, you may be on the fence about it because you’re not sure about the type of experience/outcome you’ll get. Well, even though I’m a Web Designer, I totally get it…it’s definitely a significant investment for any business owner!

But here’s the thing, quality website and brand design instantly elevates your image and your credibility. So you don’t want to be stuck in fear, never hiring the help you need because that’ll keep you stuck where you are in your business and we don’t want that. We want your business to be on the upward path of progression and an elevated image can help do that for you! And not to keep beating the drum of time savings, but think about how much time you’ll have to yourself to focus on other areas in the business (that you actually enjoy) when you won’t have to waste time tinkering with your website. Sounds like a win to me!

In this video, I discuss 5 tips for getting the best experience possible with your designer. These tips will help you out a lot, so you can be sure the process is worth the money for you and you actually get the results you were looking for!

Tip #1: Choose a designer whose style reflects the look you’re going for

Every designer has their own unique style. Yes, we can accommodate a client’s preferences, but it’s always easiest to go to a designer whose style reflects a style you’d like so you two can work well together. Do you love color? Then check out designers who incorporate color in their work. Are you more of a minimalist who prefers neutrals? Then check out designers with work like that. There’s someone for everyone out there! :-)

Tip #2: Have an initial consultation call to feel them out and to understand their process

If a Web Designer who you’re evaluating doesn’t have a set process in place for their client work, that’s a red flag for a possible bad experience. Even when I was at the very beginning of my start in freelancing, I at least had a basic process laid out so my clients would know what to expect. You’ll want to understand what the designer’s full process is and what’s expected of you to help the process run smoothly. This will bring you so much more peace of mind because you’ll know exactly what to expect as your design project is being completed.

Tip #3: Voice what you want…don’t be afraid to speak up on what your preferences are and what changes you want during the feedback stages

Your designer wants to create something that you’ll love. And the only way to do that is by actually knowing what you love. Yes, groundbreaking. I know. LOL. I’ve had some clients who weren’t vocal about what their preferences were, so it was hard for me to design for them and they didn’t really like I designed. Be sure to make your preferences clear, bring some design ideas to the table (even if it’s just random pics from Pinterest), and be thorough with your feedback so they know what changes you need them to make.

Tip #4: Be on time with all deliverables to keep the project on track—get your photography sent on time, get your feedback submitted in a timely manner.

Sometimes clients will take FOREVER to handle their end of the design process, which can cause your project to be delayed. Please be on time with anything your designer requests from you to create the best (most on time) experience possible. You’re going to feel this momentum of the project flowing as it’s supposed to when you hold up your end of the bargain and do you part on schedule. Who knows? Maybe your designer will even finish your project earlier!

Tip #5: Enjoy the process! You’re getting a customized web design project done and all you have to do is sit back and relax and wait for the results. Enjoy that.

You’re going to have an amazing finished product and the process of getting it done for you takes such a huge weight off your shoulders, when compared to DIYing. Just relax and enjoy watching the progress on your website being made, while your time is focused on other business duties. How cool is that?

Click play on the video for each of these tips in detail. To check out my web design and branding services, click here.