The #1 Reason Why Your Business Growth is Slow

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As a designer, who works specifically with experienced coaches and consultants, I know there’s typically a point when they’ve built the foundation for their businesses, but they’re ready for more accelerated growth.

Usually things go like this...

You’re attracting some high caliber clients and doing the work you love, but you’re not getting them as frequently as you’d like to. So your business is growing slower than you’d prefer.

It’s been frustrating as you work to spend more time on marketing, creating content for social media, paying for ads, and going to more in person events, only to anxiously check your email for new leads to see only a few. 

You’d love to be attracting more high caliber clients daily, so you can see the business growth you desire and you’ll be able to hit your revenue goals. You want more clients who are a pleasure to work with and who really value what you do.

So here's the #1 reason why your business growth is slow. It's positioning.

You’re having a hard time growing your business with more ideal clients because you’re not positioning your business properly in the market. Positioning is making sure your business and brand are sending out the right message to attract more of your ideal clients online. It’s basically crafting the perception that you want potential clients to have of your business, so they’ll be drawn in to learn more about you and eventually work with you.

With the wrong positioning, you’re essentially repelling ideal clients instead of attracting them, which is why you’re not attracting as many as you’d like. The key for positioning yourself properly is getting really clear about who you really want to work with, what those people need to know about your business and your credibility to want to work with you, and then presenting yourself through your branding/web design to communicate the right message. By doing this, you’ll see accelerated business growth because you’ll be intentionally setting up your business to attract more ideal clients, instead of repelling them.

As someone who designs branding and websites with a strategic lens, I understand how to help my clients position themselves properly in the market to attract more leads that are their ideal, high caliber clients, by positioning themselves as experts in their industry.

Doing this makes my clients’ marketing efforts more effective because once a potential client is drawn in by a social media post or ad, and they take the next step to do their research on the website, the website is better communicating the right message to captivate the ideal clients. This results in more quality leads being generated, so you can start checking your email for new leads with more excitement instead of anxiety. :)

Interested in learning more about how I help my clients position their businesses for accelerated growth? Check out this complimentary client case study from one of my projects!


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