How to Increase Your Income While Working Less

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For many of us with service-based businesses, when we’re just starting out, it’s about quantity of clients, not quality. We’re working as much as we can to get as many clients as possible, with no regard to quality.

But after a while, that gets old, you start to burn out, and you realize there are some clients who you enjoy working with much more than others. And you start to think about how amazing it would be to work with fewer clients that you love at a higher level, so you can make a greater impact with your work without being overwhelmed. 

Here are a few tips for increasing your income in your service-based business while working less:

Tip 1: Be the premium option. 

By being the premium option, you can make more money with fewer clients, while giving those clients a better experience and better results, because you can devote enough focus to each person without rushing from one to the next.

When your prices are low, you have to take on more and more clients to make ends meet and you’re typically overworked and not able to give your best to everyone.

As a small coaching, consulting, or service based business, what you do is usually tailored to each client, so it shouldn't be treated like a cookie-cutter, cheap commodity.

You solve real problems and provide real value with what you do for each individual organization or person that you work with, so charge accordingly and provide a great experience and results. 

To be the premium option, make sure you communicate clearly about the transformation you provide for your clients and be sure your business is visually appealing enough to look premium. The visuals/design you use on your website and marketing materials and even the language in your copy writing sends a message about you brand to your target clients. If those things are low quality, you'll have more difficulty commanding premium rates.

Tip 2: Narrow your offers.

You don’t need a lot of offers to grow your income. Most people who scale small service-based or coaching or consulting businesses, do so with three or less main offers. This allows you to really operate as an expert high level at a few main things instead of spreading yourself too thin with all these different options and packages that you barely have time to fulfill on.

Narrowing your offers also makes it easier for you to market yourself because you’re able to have a more focused message, instead of messaging that’s confusing and all over the place with too many options to tell your audience about.

Tip #3: Systemize/outsource.

Have standard operating procedures for how everything in your business gets done! Doing things with no standard process, causes you to waste time and work more because you’re always reinventing the wheel every time you bring on a new client.

Having a standard process for everything from onboarding, to service fulfillment, to offboarding makes your life way easier and saves you a ton of time.

For any systems you can use, be sure to make the most of them so you can stay organized and automate repetitive tasks--project management tools, automated emails, canned emails, contract/invoicing systems, etc. are all worth the setup time for the hours you'll save in the future!

Outsourcing tasks like admin and marketing and sales calls is always nice too. You can use that time to do other things that will better serve your business growth, so you can free up some of your time!

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