3 Signs That You Need to Re-Design Your Blog for Better Results

How to Know if Your Blog Needs to Be Redesigned

Blogging can be fun and liberating because it’s a place where you can express your unique creativity and where you can allow your interests to shine. However, sometimes your interests change or you may decide on a new direction that you want to take your blog in, and that typically requires a re-brand or re-design.

When I was lifestyle blogging, I re-designed my blog at least four times. It was typically because, as I’d learn more about web design, and I found that wanted to improve the look of my website. Other times, it was because I was changing my blog topics. Most recently, I did a complete re-branding of my site and introduced a new website dedicated solely to web design and blogging resources, instead of lifestyle blogging.

Before I did this, I did some reflection the results I'd gotten with my blog so far, and the direction that I wanted to take my blog in, based on the goals I had for myself. This helped me to create my new direction strategically. Below I listed three ways that you’ll know if you need to re-brand and re-design your blog website to get the results you want. You can watch the video or read. I love giving you options!

1. Your blog topics have changed.

Maybe you started out being a food blogger who dabbles in DIY projects, but you discovered that your creativity with new recipes just isn’t what you thought it’d be. Or maybe you started as a lifestyle blogger, covering every interest that you have, and now you want to focus solely on establishing yourself as a fashion blogger. When your blog topics change, that typically requires a different approach with your branding and your website design. As you move forward with the changes, you will definitely want to consider a redesign, so you can be sure that your blog reflects the updated topics that you’re covering.

2. You didn’t put much thought into your blog design when you first started.

I know that bloggers often start with limited resources, in the beginning. You probably did some Google searching to figure out where to host your website and then you chose a platform and just started putting content up there. That’s totally normal (and that’s exactly what I did!), but once you become a more established blogger with some experience under your belt, you usually want to create a blog website design that’s more intentional and that reflects your current place in your blogging journey. If you feel you have evolved as a blogger, but your website hasn’t evolved with you, you’ll definitely want to consider a re-design.

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If you’ve evolved as a blogger, but your website hasn’t evolved, you need to consider a re-design.

3. Your pageviews are low and you’re not seeing many results, when it comes to growing your email list or selling sponsored products.

Growing your email list, page views, and selling products is something that’s done strategically and a lot of it has to do with your website design. The placement of the signup forms on well-thought-out websites is intentional. The placement of related blog posts within blog posts is intentional. The separating of blog posts into logical categories is intentional. All of these things help make the experiences for website users as easy as possible because you’re guiding them to sign up for your email list and you’re guiding them to check out more than one blog post. If you didn’t design your blog website with those factors in mind, you could probably use a re-design to be sure you’re designing your website in a way that’s strategic, with your blog goals in mind.

Those are the three signs that will show you if you need to do a re-design for your blog. If you feel like some of these factors apply to you, you will really benefit from my Blog Refresh Workbook. You will be able to use this workbook to guide you through the steps needed to create a new design that reflects your blogging goals, your target audience, etc. and the steps to get started with your blog on Squarespace!