Video: How to Save Time in Your Business While Impressing Your Clients

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As a busy coach or consultant, time is one of your most precious resources! You’re running a full time business, working hard to get results for your clients, and balancing time with family and friends. So I know you have a LOT on your plate.

Fortunately, there are a few easy tweaks that you can make with your website to help you save a ton of time in your business! These tips can make your processes run smoother and can eliminate some of the redundant work you’ve been doing in your business.

Check out the tips below!

Tip #1: Create an onboarding page for new client communication.

How many times have you sent out the same onboarding info to each new client? I’m sure you’ve probably lost count by now. This is a step that you can eliminate with a nice onboarding/welcome page on your website!

Having a page like this, not only saves you time, but it helps you provide a wonderful start to you and your client’s working relationship together.

You could include a nice welcome message or video, a few testimonials from past clients reminding them of the results they can expect by working with you, and the next steps they need to take to get the process started—including any info/questionnaires they need to submit and how to get started with systems you’re going to use with them. You can also let them know your office hours and the expected response times on this page, so you don’t end up with requests and demands outside of your working hours.

Tip #2: Create a client portal.

After clients are done working with you or even while they’re working with you, there are many resources that they may need to carry out the coaching or consulting strategies that you provide. Instead of providing this information manually for each client, you can create a clients-only page on your website to house all information that your clients may need, either while they’re working with you or after the process is done.

This will make your coaching or consulting process much more seamless and it’ll also delight your clients with a better experience.

Tip #3: Include a FAQs section.

Do you find that many of your potential clients are asking lots of the same questions over and over and again? And either you or a member of your team is having to repetitively answer them?

Well, by including a FAQs section on your website, whether it’s on your services page or contact page or both, will drastically cut down on that!

This is really easy to do. Just write up short, concise answers to each question that you get a lot and include them on the services and/or contact pages on your website. This will save you a ton of time and headache.

Tip #4: Create digital client intake questionnaires.

Paper or PDF questionnaires are so 2007. It’s time to digitize all of your questionnaires that you require clients to complete to help save time! These will be easier for your clients to complete and it’ll also be easier for you and your team to process the information with answers that come through to your inbox with the answers already typed out (in a format that can be copied and pasted).

Plus, if you ever want to use the data for a business analysis to examine your client trends, it’ll be wayyy easier because you can simply copy and paste answers from the forms that were submitted into a spreadsheet or other document.

You can easily create a custom form on your website to do this and the link to the form would be visible to you and your team only and shared with current clients, as they’re getting onboarded.

**P.S. You can also do this for collecting testimonials from clients. Create a testimonial form and send them the link once you’re done working together for testimonials that you can simply copy and paste!

Tip #5: Allow potential clients to easily schedule appointments using an appointment scheduling tool, but include criteria that specifies who your services are not a fit for.

Adding an appointment scheduling tool to your website is sort of a catch 22. When the appointments are a great fit, it’s great and you're looking forward to the calls and you’re glad you made it so easy for the potential client to schedule them.

However, when it’s not a good fit, you’re questioning if you should still have the tool on your website or not.

Luckily, there are a couple of tweaks you can make to help weed out bad fits before they schedule or at least before you spend time on a consultation with them.

But first, you have to define the criteria that would make someone a bad fit for your coaching or consulting services. Then, list those in a few bullet points right before the appointment scheduling tool on your services page on your website.

And for the requirements for them to be a good fit, like they need to have been in business over X number years or they need to be making X amount in revenue, ask for that data on your appointment scheduling form. So that way, based on someone’s answers on the form, if you know they’re not a good fit right away, you can simply cancel the appointment and send them a quick email with suggested alternatives to avoid wasting time on a call with them.

That’s it! Those are 5 tips for saving time in your business with your website! For more on this topic, check out my free training, How Six Figure Coaches & Consultants are Creating Premium Positioning and Attracting 4 and 5 Figure Clients Consistently. See you there!


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