5 Ways to Spice Up Your Website Footer

How to Spice Up Your Website Footer

The footer of a website is often a “valuable piece of real estate” that's forgotten or neglected. Yes, it’s all the way at the bottom of your site, but it still matters because you can use it to make one last statement. Look at it as your last chance to wow people before they leave your website.

Your website footer is your last chance to wow people before they leave your website.

Another reason why a website footer is valuable space is because it's static, as visitors go from page to page on your website. This means that no matter what page someone is viewing on your website, when they scroll to the bottom, the same footer content will always be there. So when you consider that, your footer should really be making a statement. If it's something that people will be seeing from every page, you want it to be well-thought-out and strategic, as I always say. Below, I included 5 ways that you can spice up your website footer.

1. Place an email signup form in your website footer

You can include an email signup form that has an enticing free offer, such as a free email course, your free e-book, or your free resource library. Of course, you’ll have signup forms in other locations on your website, but it’s crucial to include them in multiple places to really entice people to take action. In this article from Nesha Designs, she shares the 7 best places to put an email signup form on your website. Since the website footer will appear on every page on your site, it’s perfect to include a signup form as one last call-to-action that people see just before they exit.

2. Include a preview of your Instagram and/or Pinterest feed in your website footer

Many bloggers who are very visually-focused, such as fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, or even travel bloggers, will include their Instagram and/or Pinterest feeds at the bottom of their websites. When I was lifestyle blogging, I included my Instagram feed at the bottom of my website. Doing this is great because it adds to the beauty of your website design, if you have well-curated photos, and it helps you to get more Instagram and/or Pinterest followers by showing off your beautiful feed.

3. Place an introduction video in your website footer

You can include a short introduction video in your footer that overviews who you are and what your business or blog purpose is. This is great for helping readers to connect better with you because they get to see you speaking without having to dig into a blog posts to see if you have videos included and without having to go to your YouTube channel, if you have one. They’re able to get an idea of who you are, while seeing your passion for your blog or business, right there in your website, from the footer!

4. Include your navigation links again in your website footer

Oftentimes, websites will have the navigation bar links listed again in the footer area. This is useful because it's easy for people to get so caught up in the content on one page on your website, that they can forget to go back to the other navigation bar tabs that caught their attention, in the beginning. By having the navigation bar links listed again in your footer, you can remind them of what they may have overlooked. This also helps to make it easier for people to view more content on your website, by simply showing them their choices again.

5. Include a few links to your most popular content in your website footer

If you have a blog on your website, you can include links to your most popular blog posts in the footer. This will help your best posts stand out, while helping you to get more page views.

Always remember that website design is strategic and all areas on your website should be arranged with a purpose in mind. Your footer isn’t an exception, so be sure not to overlook it. If you want more guidance on how to design your website so it's easy to navigate, download my free guide here