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In a sea of options these days, it can be hard to figure out how to stand out from other coaches and consultants in your industry. However, with the right brand strategy, you can quickly set yourself apart from your competitors and show what makes you different from the rest!

A brand strategy is simply the way your brand strategically shows up both on and offline. It’s how you want your business to be perceived, what types of people you most want to appeal to, and what you want to be known for. Taking the time to develop a brand strategy is crucial for standing out and growing your business with more of your ideal 4 and 5 figure clients.

Check out these 5 tips for ways to strategically position your brand so you can stand out from other coaches and consultants:

Tip #1: Serve your own unique audience.

Yes, there may be lots of coaches and consultants who do similar things as you, but they don’t necessarily do those things for the same types of people as you do. By choosing a specific, unique audience to serve, you instantly set yourself apart and you become less of a commodity. For example, instead of being a generic business coach, maybe you want to be a business coach for women who want to make their first six figures in their businesses. Or maybe you want to be a business coach specifically for e-commerce businesses. Being specific will help you establish your authority with your audience. You’ll also be able to see more and more growth as your business becomes known for helping a certain type of person.

To put this tip into action, use specific language in your words on social media and your online home, your website, that speaks about who you serve.

Tip #2: Address a specific problem for that unique audience.

Make sure you’re clear on the problem that your coaching or consulting services solve for your clients. When working with my clients for brand strategy sessions, I make sure to understand the problem that they solve so we can communicate about it effectively with their brands. Your ideal clients are coming to you for help with a certain problem, so you’ll be able to further solidify your authority as an expert when you’re communicating clearly about the problem your coaching or consulting services solve for your ideal clients.

To do this, think about what you do and the starting point for your clients and the issues they may be experiencing to cause them to seek out your help (point A) and the end point where they’ll be after working with you (point B). Then, clearly communicate about the specific problem you solve on your social media profiles and on your online home, your website. This will help you attract more of the right clients who need help with the issue that you specialize in.

Tip #3: Tell your story and the stories of clients who you’ve helped.

Your story is like no one else’s story on this planet! As a coach or consultant, your work usually creates a transformation for others. And oftentimes, it’s a transformation that you went through yourself. By telling the story of your transformation, you instantly make yourself more relatable and more credible because when people see how far you’ve come, they’ll be inspired to hear more from you to see how far they could also come with your help.

You can also do this by telling the stories of your clients through testimonials and case studies. People relate to other people, so sharing stories will make you stand out much more than just telling people what you do. We want to know who you’ve done it for and how it impacted them!

You can tell stories both on social media through various posts where you share a bit about your background and even on your online home, your website, in your about section and in your services section.

Tip #4: Share your “why.”

Why are you so passionate about serving your clients with your coaching or consulting services? Get clear on your why and on the impact you make. And don’t be shy about sharing it with your audience. This will help you connect with your target clients on a more meaningful level. Usually, it’s not all about work and money. It’s about the ideal lifestyle you’d like to live, the way you want to support your family, the legacy you want to leave for your children, etc.

You can share your why both on social media through various posts, where you share a bit about what drives you and even on your online home, your website, in your about section and even in your services section.

Tip #5: Create unique brand design.

And last but not least, you must have unique brand design. Your brand design communicates to your ideal clients, either drawing them in, when it’s done well, or repelling them, when it’s done poorly. Your brand design can capture more attention from your ideal clients and can position you as a premium and industry-leading business. When you’re wanting to stand out from others in your industry and grow your business with more high paying, quality clients, high quality design is an absolute must!

To really drive home the feelings of premium service and credibility, you must consistently use your brand design everywhere where your business is represented, from your online home, your social media profiles, and collateral like business cards and podcast covers.

For help with developing your brand strategy and your unique brand design, so you can stand out from the competition and attract more 4 and 5 figure clients to your business, be sure to check out my free training: How Six Figure Coaches & Consultants are Creating Premium Positioning and Attracting 4 and 5 Figure Clients Consistently.


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