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From My Portfolio: Ness Nite

This was a super fun and creative project for me to work on. It definitely pushed me to create a really cool and unique design that’s unlike anything I’d ever done before. Ness Nite is a 22-year-old music artist with her own unique sense of style. She coined the term “braless music” because her music is a kind like no other, following no rules. She’s an up and coming artist with notable press features (she already been featured in Vogue Russia…at 22!), and she has devoted and growing fan base.

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From My Portfolio: Project Higher Ed

So I’m starting a new series called, “From My Portfolio,” where I share the process and stories behind the design projects that I complete. I love learning about my clients’ stories and the reasons why they started and I love giving my audience a behind the scenes look at my process. So I figured this would be a great addition to my blog! To kick it off, I’m starting with Project Higher Ed!

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