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Have you been wanting to start a business FOREVER, even if it’s just a side hustle?

Have you talked yourself out of it because of uncertainty, not knowing where to start, or not being familiar with how to run a business?

Have you felt unsure and unworthy of the business you really want, so you just force yourself to be content with where you are, knowing you’re capable of SO MUCH MORE?

Well, here’s my secret for pushing through all of that…

It’s all about overcoming your fear and just getting started. You have to know that you’re worthy of what you desire and you’re already capable of what you want to accomplish. And now, it’s time for you to dive in and give yourself a shot!

No matter how beautiful your website is, it won’t help you if you don’t really believe your business can be successful or if you don’t have the mindset strategies in place that will inspire you to keep going, instead of giving up at the first bump in the road.


I kept myself stuck in fear for years, by making baby steps on starting a business and not fully committing to making my dreams a reality. I talked myself out of it, telling myself I could do it later, even though I didn’t really have anything standing in my way. I said I was too busy and tired from my day job. Basically, any excuse put it on the backburner, as months and years continued to pass by with me in the same place.

For this course, you won’t have to go “all in” and quit your day job, but you do need to start keeping the promises you make to yourself, so you can finally start making real progress. The barrier to making progress is all in your mind. You’re already capable of everything you want to accomplish. You already have amazing gifts to offer the world. You just have to get started.

In The Fearless Biz Foundation, I help you to fearlessly set the foundation for the business and life you’ll truly love. Here’s what’s covered in each module.

Module 1: Mindset Mastery

We start with the mindset work to help you identify any mental blocks that may be holding you back from getting started. This will help you become more resilient, to learn to take inspired action (so you don’t panic when you think about the unknown), and it’ll help you feel wayy more confident and worthy. This is the foundation to starting any successful business.

Module 2: Define Your Offers

Then, we move on to nailing down the offers that will allow you to monetize your business. To me, people tend to overcomplicate this area or they don’t plan around their income goals well enough. So in this section, we will make your offers simple and straightforward so you can have a clear path to generating income in a way that you’ll enjoy.

Module 3: The Quick Website

And finally, we will quickly set up your brand and website design, so you can stop putting it off and just get it out there already! I’ve created beautiful color palettes, font pairings and web page layouts that will allow you to “plug and play,” so you can get your beautiful strategic website up quickly!

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And as an added bonus…I included some online marketing tips to help you to start spreading the word about your new business.

It’s really not as complicated as you think to start a business.

The trick is to be open to learning as you go along and to keep going, even if you don’t see the ideal results right away. The thing that separates those who are successful from those who aren’t is their determination to keep going. It’s not talent. And it’s not privilege or anything like that.

With this course, you not only get the web design and basic business strategies to help you get started, you get the foundation of the mindset work, which is the source of real, sustained success.

If you want to be notified when this course opens up, just complete the form below. Hope to see you in there!