Website, Logo & Brand Design - Ness Nite

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Ness Nite is a talented 22-year-old music artist with her own bold, unique sense of style. She creates energetic, fun music that has a lane of its own. She wanted a web design that articulated that style to help her fans to connect with her. I created a super fun, bold website with pops of color and patterns so it could fit her style and appeal to her fan base. I made sure it had strategic calls-to-action to lead website visitors to purchase her album and to sign up for her email list, so she’d be able to contact them for upcoming shows. It was the perfect balance between creative and strategic.

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Website, Logo & Brand Design - Project Higher Ed

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Project Higher Ed is a non-profit organization that helps students and parents prepare for higher education. The founder, Veleda Simpson, wanted a website that would appeal to both students and parents—giving an overview of the programs, encouraging donations, and encouraging them to sign up for the programs. I completed the brand design with font pairings and a color scheme, a logo design, and I selected the perfect images to fit the vision.

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Website, Logo & Brand Design - YOMEGZ

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YOMEGZ is a custom jewelry eCommerce store, founded by Megan Gilchrist. She wanted a clean and minimal design to ensure the focus is on her unique, vintage-inspired pieces with the ecommerce store. I developed a color scheme, font pairings, and layout/composition that fit her vision. I also designed the logo and did the product photography.

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Website, Logo & Brand Design - James F. Robinson Photography

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James F. Robinson is a professional Photographer in Atlanta. He wanted a clean portfolio site that would showcase his beautiful work in an easy-to-navigate manner that had a very traditional look to it. He also wanted the site to provide a place for potential clients to learn more about him and to contact him for services. I designed the logo, the layout/composition, and font pairings for the site.

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Various Logo Designs

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