Arika Pierce: A Brand Transformation for a Consultant & Coach

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The Mission

As businesses evolve, their websites and branding should too. Arika Pierce had been in business for a few years and she had a dated brand that no longer fit where she was. Her previous website didn’t communicate all of her current offerings, plus it lacked the customization needed to help premium clients connect with her.

The Outcome

A new brand was created to cultivate better connection with her ideal premium clients using unique design, while communicating about her signature speaking services, coaching services, and her book and podcast.

The Impact

Arika now has a brand that she’s proud to show off when she attends speaking engagements. She’s able to refer event attendees to her website now to help generate more qualified premium leads for her coaching services and for them to purchase copies of her books.

Services: The Signature Brand Transformation

  • Website content planning

  • Photography direction

  • Brand identity design, including the logo

  • Social media collateral

  • Email marketing collateral

  • PowerPoint slide deck design

  • Podcast cover design

  • Website design

The Case Study

Arika Pierce is a Principal Consultant at her own law firm. She’s also a podcast host, speaker, coach, and book author. Her work focuses on Gen Z and Millennial coaching and support in reaching their professional goals in life. Her old brand was dated and didn’t accurately reflect where her business had progressed to.

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Arika wanted to book more speaking engagements and she wanted to release her coaching program to the public. She knew her old website wasn’t going to help with that because there was no mention of speaking or coaching anywhere on the website. She knew she also needed unique branding that fit the audience she was targeting and she’d never investing in branding before. She and her intern sought out designers and they loved my design style and selected me to help.

We started by gaining an understanding of Arika’s goals and the overall look and feel that she wanted the website to exude. She wanted a polished, modern look that was still fun and approachable. She loved the color blue and wanted that to be the main color, which I agreed was a great choice because blue communicates trust and professionalism. When we were selecting accent colors, she wanted to go with earth tones like yellow and green. Yellow communicates joy, which is great for an empowering business like, Arika’s.

Arika Mood Board V1.jpg
Arika Mood Board 4.jpg

When we were creating the brand design, I started with a few elegant design elements that included beautiful patterns, like gold with deep blue in the second mood board. Arika preferred solid colors, so we scratched the patterns and used combinations of the colors from the color palette itself to create simple diagonal stripe accent patterns. This was used to create branding for quote templates for her to use on Instagram, a new and improved podcast cover, and email graphics. This helped give Arika a polished, up-to-date image, moving forward. The logos were kept clean and simple with a handwritten font combined with a modern sans serif font for an approachable, fresh feel.

Arika Logos.jpg
brand board - Arika - v3.jpg

Arika also decided to add matching PowerPoint slides for her to use during her speaking presentations.

Social Media Elements arika.png
podcast and powerpoint arika.png

Next, we moved on to the website build. I was able to provide Arika with some creative direction assistance for the website photography, so she could have great options to use for the website. She had posed professional photos and photos of her in action to visually tell the story of her brand--the action photos included photos of her speaking to and coaching young professionals. This really helped people better connect with her brand.

The website incorporated the colors from the color palette and the written website copy that she needed to make a great impression. I created a website written content plan/outline for Arika to easily fill in with the content she wanted to share. This helped her articulate the benefits of working with her for both coaching and speaking and it helped her clearly communicate about her background and qualifications to build trust with high end clients. We even incorporated past client testimonials to really show how experienced she is.

arika wireframes.png

Arika wanted to boldly use the blue and yellow colors throughout the website. Keeping them balanced to prevent them from overpowering other design elements was something to consider, but I was able to incorporate all the colors and still communicate clearly on the website, by using deep blue and white fonts.

Arika had a speaking engagement coming up that she was excited about and she wanted to be able to direct attendees at the event to her new website, instead of the old one to generate qualified leads for her coaching program. The website was finished just in time for that event!

Arika now has a website that accurately reflects where her business now and she’s proud to show it off. It’s give her more confidence in booking the speaking gigs she desires and in obtaining her first coaching clients. It’s even a great place for her to refer people who are interested in purchasing her book. Plus, she has branding to show off in other areas online, like on her podcast and social media pages! This process gave her a new, cohesive image--everywhere!

Arika’s Website Before Working with Me

(not my design)

Arika website before.png

Arika’s Final Website Design After Working with Me

click here to view the live website

Has your branding kept up with your business growth? If you’re interested in chatting about a re-brand, find out more about how I can help you in a complimentary brand strategy session.

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