Brandi Richard Thompson: Brand Positioning to Attract More 4-Figure Coaching Clients


The Mission

When seeking out more high caliber clients online, it’s crucial to position your brand in a way that shows that you’re a high quality business before a potential client even has their first interaction with you. Brandi Richard Thompson is a Transformational Coach and Speaker. She’d been offering her coaching and speaking services in the past already, but she was ready to elevate her positioning to attract more 4-figure clients and to help support her in having a larger impact through a personal development-focused online course hub and through a transformational retreat she’s planning to host.

The Outcome

A completely new brand and two new websites were created to better show off Brandi’s high quality coaching programs and courses. Her old website was difficult to navigate, which was positioning her as a newbie in business, instead of an experienced expert. Her old branding was also dated and it needed to be brought up-to-speed with present day branding, while better reflecting her personality and brand values.

The Impact

Brandi now has a brand that positions her as a high-level expert. And she’s started booking new clients in her 4-figure coaching program. She also has two new websites, one to represent her personal brand, including coaching, speaking, her book, and her top online course. And the second represents her online course hub, Operational Growth, providing an online course catalog that users can easily browse. She’s now positioned properly in the transformational coaching market to attract higher caliber clients and to be viewed as more of an expert in the coaching industry.

Services: The Signature Brand Transformation

  • Website content planning

  • Brand photography direction & recommendations

  • Brand identity design, including the logo

  • Social media collateral

  • Email marketing collateral

  • Website design & development

  • Podcast cover design

  • PowerPoint slides design

  • Media kit design

The Case Study

Brandi Richard Thompson is a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author. She’s also the founder of personal development online course hub, Operation Growth Institute. After years of working in coaching and speaking, she was ready to finally position herself as the true expert that she really is to support her in faster business growth and in attracting more event/speaking opportunities for more visibility.

brandi Brand Inspiration.png

Brandi had a website done in the past without any attention given to the business strategy behind the website and she’d never gotten professional branding done before. Therefore, her old website and other designed materials, like her media kit, weren’t cohesive and didn’t give off the right message, nor did it connect to the right people.

During our brand strategy session, we uncovered the look and feel Brandi wanted for her new brand positioning and we clearly defined the types of clients that the new brand should appeal to. Brandi knew she wanted a more premium, yet approachable image. She wanted a brand that felt magical, growth-focused, and supportive. And she loved the color orange and knew she wanted to incorporate it, as well. And finally, she wanted to connect with and appeal to professional women in their late 20s to early 30s.

After the brand strategy session, I searched for visual brand inspiration and I created two mood boards that communicated the look and feel that Brandi wanted in two different styles.

Luckily, the color orange has the perfect meaning to support her brand, so we chose coral as the main color because it has a meaning of being unconventional. And blue was the top secondary color with a meaning of trustworthiness and professionalism. And we incorporated many water and botanical elements to represent the growth that her clients would experience when working with her and to incorporate the “magical” feeling she asked for.

Brandi chose the first mood board. So based on this new direction for her brand, I also provided her with a brand photography style guide to help her get professional brand photos that would match the brand perfectly! Her coral dress and the style of the dress positioned her perfectly as a trusted, transformational coach.

Brandi Moodboard 1.jpg
Brandi Moodboard 2.jpg

Next, once the mood board was chosen and we had a clear brand strategy and target client defined after the strategy session, we built out the brand identity in a 20+ page brand style book, complete with a new logo. The logo design was inspired by a casual and approachable feel, with the handwritten font for Brandi’s first name. Since Brandi has a longer last name, the logo was designed with her last name in smaller sans serif font under her first name, so her last name wouldn’t overpower her first name. We designed logos for both her personal brand website and for Operation Growth Institute in complimentary styles, so it was clear that the brands are associated with one another.

We had several options, some with a magical feel with the dots around the words and some with a botanical element to incorporate the growth message. In the end, Brandi chose to go with the logo that was a combination of coral and blue, without the dots.

logo designs.jpg

Below is an excerpt of the brand identity. The full brand identity was delivered to Brandi in a 20+ page brand style book that included additional photography recommendations and snapshots of how to use her branding on materials, such as notepads, pencils, and business cards.

The top elements in the brand identity represented growth and evolution. This message was very important, as it’s Brandi’s mission to help her clients evolve into the next highest versions of themselves. We used botanical elements as accents that represented growth. And Brandi suggested a butterfly as another symbol. A butterfly fit in perfectly, as butterflies are oftentimes viewed as symbols of growth and evolution. And finally, to add to the calming effect of the brand, we incorporated coral and blue watercolor patterns.

Brandi - Brand Board.jpg

Next, I created graphics for social media, PowerPoint slides, a podcast cover, and a newly designed media kit. All of these elements were designed to elevate Brandi’s brand positioning, using the brand styling that we created.

There were banners for social media pages created with Brandi’s new photos and there were new quote graphics for social media that she could use for motivational quotes or business announcements.

The PowerPoint slides were created as a entire series, including title slides, content slides, and an about slide. They’re “plug and play” because once the designs were done, Brandi received them as a ready-to-use PowerPoint slides template and with it, she could just fill in the words and be ready to present!

And finally, there was a new podcast cover and a new media kit design. Brandi’s old media kit design was dated and didn’t match the new brand positioning, so now she even has new positioning for being viewed as a more appealing speaker for events and panels.

Social Media Elements brandi richard.png
podcast and powerpoint brandi.png
media kit  brandi.png

Next, we worked on the new website designs! I wanted to make sure both websites were created with a much better user experience than Brandi’s old website. Many business owners don’t realize this, but a bad user experience can confuse potential clients, leading them to leave the website without taking any action because the website lacks clarity and is hard to navigate.

I prevented this issue on Brandi’s new websites by categorizing everything that Brandi offered properly and including the right calls-to-action, so website visitors would know what do do next, whether it was signing up for an email freebie to join Brandi’s email list, signing up for a consultation call for Brandi’s coaching services, or completing an event request form to inquire about booking Brandi for a speaking engagement.

The wireframes below show a glimpse of how two of the website pages were organized. I also provided Brandi with a website content outline, based on the newly organized layout to make it easy for her to provide effective website copy that would communicate the right message to her target clients.

brandi wireframes.png

For banner image areas on the websites, we mostly used photos of Brandi from her new brand shoot, but for some of the course pages on the Operation Growth website, we lacked a few of the photos that were needed. So I did some research on stock images that would fit with the brand look and the message that each course was communicating and I found images to represent each course properly.

Brandi now has a brand and websites that have been strategically created to position her business as the premium option to help her attract more high quality clients who are happy to pay 4-figure coaching rates. It also better positions her as an expert in the transformational coaching industry and as an experienced speaker and author, adding to her credibility online. Brandi has already started selling spots in her new 4-figure coaching program, as well!

Brandi’s Website Before Working with Me

(not my design)

brandi website before portfolio.png

Brandi’s Final Website Design After Working with Me

click here to view the live website

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