Davis Ink Consulting : Communicating Trust Through Clean Design


The Mission

Businesses must be viewed as trustworthy and professional, as they’re growing a brand online. The purpose of this design was to create a professional home online for Davis Ink Consulting to help the owner, Danielle Davis, build trust with premium clients. The business offers copywriting and project management services, so it was important to communicate the benefits and process of working with the company.

The Outcome

There was new branding created with clean, professional design. It contained the content necessary to communicate the company offerings and to create a smooth intake process.

The Impact

Danielle now has a brand that she can use to capture leads for her business and to grow her roster of premium clients. She also has professional branding that she can use on social media pages, quote graphics, and more to create a cohesive, trustworthy look everywhere.

Services: The Signature Brand Transformation

  • Website content planning

  • Brand identity design, including the logo

  • Social media collateral

  • Email marketing collateral

  • Website design

The Case Study

Davis Ink Consulting is a copywriting and project management company for small businesses, law firms, and professionals. Danielle is a recent law school graduate who wanted to dive into her business full time with a strong start—by getting a professional, polished branding that would attract premium clients. She was extremely busy with wrapping up law school and she needed assistance with getting a professional online image in place to help her start her business.

Danielle Brand Inspiration.png

As Danielle approached graduation from law school, she wanted to solidify her plans to start her business. She made the decision to just go for it and she wanted to seek out a designer who would be great to work with. She was familiar with Keshia M. White Designs, after being a long-time follower. She loved the quality of work and knew she wanted to work with me to get the help she needed to get her brand off the ground.

Danielle wanted a professional and polished image with a touch of femininity. We began by discussing her design preferences and her target audience to help me get an understanding of how the brand should look and feel. Based on my interpretation, I created two mood boards for her to choose from to set the direction of the project into motion.

Danielle Davis - Moodboard 1 - revision.jpg
Danielle Davis - Moodboard 2.jpg

We then moved on to the logo design stage to design a unique logo that represented her business. She wanted to incorporate the symbol of a pen to represent the copywriting aspect clearly to her clients. I designed a logo that incorporated gold and purple because gold incorporated the elegant, luxurious feel of her brand and deep purple had a polished feminine feel for the types of clients she wanted to attract. The font used was also a classic, serif font for professionalism. There was a bit of a challenge with finding the perfect handwritten font for the logo, but I was able to select a few options that were polished and had the “brush pen” look that Danielle wanted. Overall, she had an approachable, yet professional logo, so searching for that perfect font was worth it!

Danielle Logos V2.jpg

Her brand colors were used in quote graphics and email marketing graphics with professional. To round out the purple and gold, business focused colors like black and gray were added. To further support the “brush” aspect of the brand, purple paint swatches were used as decorative accents, when a bit of color was needed

Danielle - brand board.jpg
Social Media Elements Danielle.png

After we finished the branding steps, we moved on to building the website. Danielle provided great website copy that helped communicate her services well to her audience. And she provided beautiful photography that matched her brand colors and incorporated a gold pen to further solidify the writing theme. The overall look of the website was elegant, clean, with a touch of femininity.

danielle wireframes.png

Creating a website with a pen-centered theme, while maintaining elegance wasn’t a completely straightforward task, but with our collaboration and communication, it was done well! It provides a unique look that certainly stands out from other copywriting businesses.

Danielle loved the finished website. She’s waiting to launch officially, but once she does, the website is ready to go!

Danielle has 100% clarity on her brand now and she was able to get support and help with bringing her vision for her business to life. She was so excited to have the assistance and she knows the website and branding will help her hit the ground running in her business.

Danielle’s Final Website Design After Working with Me

Danielle final website.png

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