Jil Littlejohn: Captivating an Audience with Personality & Colors


The Mission

Showing off personality through design is a great way to stand out and connect with an audience. Jil’s previous brand was politically-focused, as she was the Mayor Pro Tem in Greenville, South Carolina. However, she was in need of a new online home to position her as an expert for coaching services for young professionals and speaking engagements. She also needed help publishing and selling her new, empowering book.

The Outcome

A new, personality-filled brand was created to help Jil connect with her audience. A book was also designed for digital download, Kindle, and print. Her new online home created an easy pathway for event organizers to contact her for speaking engagements, buyers to purchase her book, and interested clients to contact her about coaching.

The Impact

Jil has been receiving book purchases and coaching inquiries through her website on a regular basis. The brand has also elevated her profile online, and she’s since gone on to speak for a TED Talk event since we worked together.

Services: The Signature Brand Transformation

  • Website content planning

  • Copywriting

  • Brand identity design, including the logo

  • Social media collateral

  • Email marketing collateral

  • Book design

  • Website design

The Case Study

Jil Littlejohn is a leader in her community and she’d been planning to write a book about her journey for a while. She’s held various roles in the Greenville, South Carolina area, such as Mayor Pro Tem, Urban League President, and more. She’s even been a speaker at national companies, such as Michelin, United Way, and BMW. She’s been seen in publications like Ebony, USA Today and Essence. Jil’s old brand was 100% politically-focused, so it barely scratched the surface of how accomplished she was.

She wanted a new brand that showed more than her political background because she wanted to do more speaking engagements, sell the new book she wanted to publish, and create a new coaching program. Jil needed a designer who could help her create the website she needed to position herself as more than just a political figure, fully showing off all aspects of her personal brand.

Jil Brand Inspiration.png

Jil had plans to launch her book in early 2019 and she also wanted to start obtaining coaching clients. She started seeking out a professional who could assist her in developing a unique vision for her brand.

Jil has a vibrant and bubbly personality and she loves color. Her love for colorful design is one of the things that attracted her to Keshia M. White Designs. She wanted a website and branding that built connection with her audience.

After considering the goals Jil had and her design preferences, I presented her with two colorful, yet polished, mood board options to determine the direction of the project. She wanted to add a bit of black into the mix to help her in professional settings and she wanted the shade of teal blue to be her main color, using other colors in the palette more as accent colors.

Jil Littlejohn Moodboard 1.jpg
Jil Littlejohn Moodboard 2.jpg

Once that was decided, we moved on to the logo designs. She wanted a logo that was clean and simple since the brand is centered around her name. We went with a script font for her first name and a sans serif font for a modern look for her last name.

Jil Littlejohn Logos V2.jpg

This carried over into the other fonts on the website. Since Jil is targeting young professionals, we stuck with modern fonts all over the website.

brand board - Jil Littlejohn.jpg

For the quote graphics and email elements, black and teal blue were used as the main colors with colorful accents grouped in certain areas to add more interest. I started with only a few colorful accents on the quote graphics, but Jil loved it and asked me to add a bit more!

We then moved on to email graphics. To go along with Jil’s theme of coaching and inspiration, she wrote a guide on “10 Ways to Unlock Your Passion” for her email opt-in incentive. I encourage clients to create an incentive like this to capture email subscribers.

Next up, Jil needed help with packaging up her book manuscript. I designed and formatted it for print, Kindle, and digital download. The book, titled “Wine, Women, & Politics,” incorporated one of the photos from her brand shoot on the cover and it was perfect for intriguing readers. The design of the book also matched the branding design.

There was a bit of a challenge with learning how to format the book correctly for Kindle, as Jil didn’t realize she wanted that format until we were into the process, but it was something I was able to learn and execute for her.

Social Media Elements.png
Jil Book.png

Next, we moved on to the website build! I assisted Jil with copywriting for the website and she loved the work. I was able to place written content and complimentary photography on each page on her website to really show off her experience and to incorporate information from all of the aspects of her personal brand, so it wasn’t just focused on politics anymore.

I built a coaching page that communicated the benefits of coaching from her and how she could help her clients. It even had a client intake form. She also had a speaking page that communicated the benefits of hiring her as a speaker and it listed her signature talks. And there was a page to allow people to purchase her book. There were a few light blue colored backgrounds in the original website mockup to denote differences between sections. However, Jil wanted to stick with clean white backgrounds, so I replaced the light blue with a very light gray.

Jil Wireframes.png

Jil took a bit of a risk with being a professional who incorporated color in her designs, but she knew she wanted design that was authentic to her. Once the website was finished, Jil was ready to launch it! As someone with a high profile, her new website was well-received by her audience. And she even got book purchases the day after she promoted it. Jil’s audience loved the unique look and they felt like they were connecting with her when visiting the website. She’s even been getting coaching inquires already.

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