Lasting Moments Events & Consulting: Rebranding to Attract Premium Clients

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The Mission

Event businesses create beautiful experiences and memories for their clients and their online presence should reflect that. The owners of Lasting Moments Events & Consulting, Jake and LaPorchae Thompson, had been coordinating events for a few years and they had a portfolio of work that needed to be shown off on a professional, polished website to help them book more luxury, premium clients and corporate events.

The Outcome

A new brand was created to show the capabilities that the couple has, when it came to event coordination. Their packages were communicated effectively, high quality photography was used, and the website helped create a good first impression with potential, premium clients with custom forms to make the client intake process smoother.

The Impact

Jake and LaPorchae now have a professional website that they’re excited about showing off. They’re able to easily communicate about their services through the website copy and branding, so they can obtain more of their dream premium clients, moving forward.

Services: The Signature Brand Transformation

  • Website content planning

  • Photography curation

  • Brand identity design, including the logo

  • Social media collateral

  • Email marketing collateral

  • Website design

The Case Study

Lasting Moments Events & Consulting is an event planning company, based in the Atlanta area. The husband and wife team had been coordinating events for a few years without a nice website and they were ready to move into a new phase in business. They wanted to have a more upscale, luxurious image online to book luxury events and corporate clients. They plan weddings, corporate events, and social events, such as baby showers and bridal showers.

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The owners, Jake and LaPorschae, tried DIYing their website, but they knew they needed professional help to elevate their image, once and for all. They both had busy schedules and needed to outsource the task, so they could be free to just sit back and enjoy the benefits of a new brand design and website being created on their behalf.

Jake and LaPorchae knew they wanted the business to have a luxurious image and they wanted to make sure the website was set up to make their client intake process smoother. They loved elegant design, with a bit of femininity and metallic for elegance.

The choice on a mood board to dictate the direction of the project was pretty easy since they were clear on the vision for their image and that vision fit perfectly with their goals.

LM Events MoodBoard 1.jpg
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Next, up we built out the brand identity, complete with a new logo. The logo design was inspired by what’s typically seen in wedding invitations—professional upscale serif fonts and calligraphy script fonts. The logo also had a monogram element, which is also common for wedding invitation.

Lasting Moments Logos.jpg

The brand identity incorporated a silver pattern that felt elegant and luxurious. One of the proposed brand elements had a grouping of flowers, but LaPorchae preferred not to use that, since she felt it would pigeonhole them into being perceived as wedding-only event planners. So we opted to included elements common for all types of events, such as two champagne glasses toasting, a gift box, and a cake. The fonts that were selected had a fancy, yet easy to read look.

Lasting Moments Brand Board.png

Next, I created graphics for social media, including quote graphics and social media graphics. LaPorchae submitted an opt-in incentive for a free wedding prep checklist that I designed to match the branding. This was a great choice for helping her capture leads for brides planning to get married, but who may not have been ready for working with an event planner just yet.

Social Media Elements lasting moments.png

Next, we worked on the website design! I wanted to show off their services in the best was possible, so I was sure to encourage them to submit their best photos for me to use.

lasting moments wireframes.png

For banner image areas, we lacked a few of the photos that were needed. So I did some research on stock images to fit with the brand look. LaPorchae made it clear that any stock images used needed to match her event design style.

Locating images that matched LaPorchae’s design style was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to find two great images perfect for the banner space that she loved. By using those with some of the best quality photos from their events, we were able to create a website that truly makes a great first impression.

LaPorchae and Jake now have a professional website that they’re proud of to capture leads, to inform potential clients about how they could work with them, and to easily intake clients using a custom intake form that I crated. They were so happy and excited about the website and they’re looking forward to having it support them through their next stage in business.

Jake & LaPorchae’s Website Before Working with Me

(not my design)

lasting moments before website.png

Jake & LaPorchae’s Final Website Design After Working with Me

click here to view the live website

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