Up-leveled, intentional websites help my clients grow their sales & save time on business processes—by being designed with their audiences & goals in mind.
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Client: Jil Littlejohn

Jil is a Speaker, Community Leader, & Influencer. She wanted a clean, polished look with pops of color to reflect her bubbly personality, while appealing to her target audiences, women interested in personal growth and development, and colleges and organizations interested in booking her as a speaker. The website and branding established credibility and provided a smooth process for coaching inquiries, purchases of her book, and speaking inquiries.

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Client: Davis Ink Consulting

Davis Ink Consulting is a consulting business lending its expertise in the area of copy writing, copy editing, and project management services. The owner, Danielle Davis, wanted a professional website to solidify her place as a trusted expert in the field, with a touch of femininity. The website overviews her services, her background, and portfolio to allow her to better sell herself to potential clients for more inquiries.

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Client: Dr. Tosha Rogers

Dr. Rogers is an Atlanta OBGYN. She’s branching out into the relationship expert industry, serving women with her advice, natural feminine products, and more. She wanted a website to showcase her personal side to start to establish herself as an approachable relationship expert. I created a simple website to overview her background, while collecting email subscribers and speaking inquiries.

My Website & Brand Design Process

I’ve created a fun and effortless website and brand design experience to ensure that you’ll have a website, that not only looks amazing, but that supports the goals you have for your business—whether it’s to sustain the success you’ve created, to support the launch of a new product or service, or to grow your audience and serve more people with your current products or services.

1. The Foundation: We’ll start with taking a deep dive into your business. We must understand where you are and where you want to be to determine what direction to take with your website for the best business results. We’ll discuss your target clients/customers, your unique positioning, your business processes, and marketing strategies. This will be the foundation for our work together.


2. Strategic Content Planning: An effective website must have intentional content. We’ll go into detail about each page on your website, and the content needed to be to make the most impact. I’ll advise you on the best photography style and website copy, providing copy writing assistance, and even connecting you with a professional photographer in your area. We’ll even plan an email opt-in incentive to help grow your email list. And if you have a launch coming up, I’ll help you plan the sales page content and marketing strategy.


3. Custom Brand Design: Next, begins the fun! We’ll work on your new brand design, including a complete brand style guide, customized to fit your ideal audience, your business positioning, and your unique style. This will include everything from a marketing avatar, mood board, branding elements, a new logo, etc. I’ll also design matching branding for your social media pages, products/services, and your email marketing.


4. Strategic Website Build: And last, but not least, we’ll build your website, bringing the dream to life on the web! I’ll start with wireframes that show where each item will be placed on each page (for the best conversion, of course!). And next, I’ll show you a real life preview of what your website will look like before I actually build it out. For an upcoming launch, this will also include your sales page for your new product or service. Once the preview is approved by you, I’ll design the website and we’re all done.


5. Handoff & Training: Now, it’s time to show off your shiny new website to the world! I’ll hand off the website and your branding materials to you and it’ll go live. And I’ll also provide you with one-on-one training on how to maintain it, so you can easily make simple tweaks, as needed. And, of course, I don’t want to leave you hanging, so you’ll also get two weeks of post-project support after we’re done!


*Support: We’ll use a project management tool throughout our time together to manage all files, keep track of each step in the process, and provide updates and feedback. I’ll also provide weekly updates via screen share walking through design mockups, as they’re created. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to give your candid feedback for revisions, so we can get the perfect end result. You’ll feel totally supported and in the loop the entire time!

Your outcome will be a website that finally feels like you to better position you in your industry and support your business goals—resulting in more leads, more purchases, and more inquiries. A website that does this work for you will give you more time to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle you’ve created for yourself, as an entrepreneur.

This investment starts at $5,000 with payment plans available. During our consultation, we’ll chat about your specific needs to determine your project timeline, scope of work, and total investment.

I’m currently booking June 2019 start dates.

You can also email me at hello@keshiamwhite.com.

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Client Testimonials 


My Website & Brand Design Experience

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I’m Keshia White and I love helping female entrepreneurs create websites and brand designs that speak to who they really are.

To me, business is about doing what you love, serving others, and living a lifestyle that brings you joy. I love helping female entrepreneurs who have found that “sweet spot” in their businesses, so they can get the websites that accurately reflect the success they’ve built.

It’s so inspiring for me to hear my clients tell the stories of the transformations and impact that they’ve created for others through their content, coaching, courses, and events.

I know having an up-leveled website, built with intention, not only makes them prouder, it grows their sales and saves them time on their business processes—by being designed with their target audiences and specific goals in mind.

I started designing websites in 2014, when I started a blog. At the time, I was trying to find my way to work that I enjoyed and a lifestyle I really wanted.

Starting a blog helped me discover a passion for website and brand design. I loved the mix of creativity, business strategy, and problem solving that came with it. And as someone who always wanted a flexible lifestyle on my terms, it was the perfect business to give me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Before diving into my web design business full time, I worked as Sales Business Consultant at one of the leading providers of marketing automation software. In that role, I advised business owners on their marketing strategies to help grow their businesses and impact. Getting that experience before diving into my business was vital to my success.

Now, it’s so fulfilling for me to use my expertise in both web design and online marketing to help female entrepreneurs take their websites to the next level. I’ve designed for coaches, speakers, and more. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Tuskegee University, a Web Design Certificate from Kennesaw State University, and I completed a Visual Design course at General Assembly.

Let’s create a website together that you will love, just as much as the amazing work that you’re doing in the world!