“Keshia White is amazing to work with. Not only does she design a beautiful brand & website, she gives you tips & strategies to apply to the marketing of your business.”

-Danielle Davis, Founder - Davis Ink Consulting


 You’re probably at this point in your business…

  • You’ve been successfully running your business for a few years now in the coaching or consulting industry and you’re currently making six figures.

  • You have goals to grow your business by booking more clients at 4 and 5 figure rates, so you can increase your revenue.

  • You’ve been consistently marketing your business, but your audience still isn’t growing quite as fast as you’d like it to.

  • You’ve had to settle for slower growth because you feel like you’re already doing everything the marketing experts recommend and you don’t know what else to try.

  • You know there should be a better way to attract more premium clients and to expand your influence as an industry leader, but you just haven’t discovered it yet.

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Premium business positioning & expanding your influence starts with a premium brand.

I specialize in helping six figure coaches and consultants position themselves as the premium option, attracting more quality leads, and saving time in their businesses, with a proven brand transformation process that sets them apart from the rest.

After working with me, my clients see these benefits:

  1. More of their ideal 4 and 5 figure clients booking consultations and more leads signing up for their email lists

  2. Premium positioning for their signature packages, resulting in more revenue for their businesses and less time spent working

  3. An elevated image that communicates quality and expertise, inspiring premium clients to take action

  4. A magnetic brand that makes them more appealing for paid speaking engagements and industry opportunities

  5. Being able to offer a premium experience that wows clients, saves time, and increases referrals

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Introducing: The Signature Brand Transformation

The Signature Brand Transformation will position your business as the go-to premium option, helping you attract more quality 4 and 5 figure clients consistently, while expanding your influence as a leader in your industry.

Stage 1: The Brand Strategy Session

We’ll take a deep dive into your business during a one-on-one brand strategy session, focused on developing your unique brand strategy to set you apart from competitors.

Stage 2: Strategic Content Planning

We’ll go into detail about the online content needed to attract more of your ideal clients. I’ll create custom guides for your brand photography style and your website copy, connecting you with a professional photographer. We’ll even plan an email opt-in incentive to help grow your email list with leads that fit your ideal client profile.

Stage 3: Magnetic Brand Design

We’ll create new brand design, customized to attract more of your ideal clients, while expressing what makes you unique. This will include a mood board, a full 20+ page brand style book, a new logo, etc. I’ll also design matching collateral, such as business cards, quote graphics, and podcast covers, so you’re represented well both on and offline.


Stage 4: A New Online Home

And last, but not least, we’ll build your new online home, your website, so your clients will have a central hub online to find out more about your signature offers to book your services. It will even have the systems you need built into it, so you can provide a premium experience that your clients will rave about.

Stage 5: Brand Handoff & Training

Your materials for your new brand will be handed over to you so you can use them to position you as the premium option for your long-term growth. I’ll also provide you with one-on-one training via screen share on how to use and maintain your new brand, moving forward.

Bonus: The Support

We’ll use a project management tool throughout our time together to stay on track. I’ll provide updates on your brand development, via screen share to explain how the design choices support your business growth, as we move through the process. You’ll feel totally supported the entire time!

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 Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the process take?

This process typically takes about 8 weeks.

How far in advance should I book?

Currently, I’m booking for August 2019 start dates and beyond.

Do you offer services for new business owners?

This brand transformation process is most valuable for experienced, profitable business owners who are ready to grow their businesses. For new business owners, who are just starting out, I offer my amazing DIY course, Brand for Success. Check it out here.

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What Past Clients Have Said


My Professional Background

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My expertise helps six figure coaches and consultants position themselves as the premium option, so they can have thriving businesses that allow them to fully enjoy their lives.

Your business shouldn’t require you to sacrifice your personal life. So positioning yourself as a premium brand will help you work less and make more, so you can spend time with loved ones, travel, and just have the personal time needed to recharge!

Starting a blog several years ago helped me discover a passion for design and online marketing. I loved the mix of creativity, business strategy, and problem solving that came with it.

Before diving into my business full time, I worked as Sales Business Consultant at one of the leading providers of marketing automation software. In that role, I advised business owners on their marketing strategies to help grow their businesses and impact.

Now, it’s so fulfilling for me to use my expertise in design and online marketing to help entrepreneurs take their brands to the next level in my agency. I’ve designed for coaches, speakers, consultants, and more.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Tuskegee University, a Web Design Certificate from Kennesaw State University, and I completed a Visual Design course at General Assembly.

Let’s create a brand together that will attract more of the ideal clients you’ve been waiting for!

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