are you ready to start a blog, but you have no clue how to design a website for it? 

I bet some of these scenarios sound familiar to you:

Have you been looking into different hosting platforms, but you're unsure about where to start when creating a good website?

Does the thought of creating a website seem overwhelming, but you simply aren't in the position to hire a $1,000+ Web Designer right now?

Do you feel lost when you try to figure out how to design a website that supports your goals for monetzing your blog?

Have you attempted to do research on creating a website for your blog, but the information you've found in the past always seems incomplete?

Well, you're in for a treat with this workbook! You can save yourself HOURS of time spent researching and taking stabs in the dark, by using this complete guide to creating an effective website for your blog, with tactics that are proven to get results quickly. This workbook will provide you with a concrete and strategic plan that you can immediately start implementing.

The Brand New Blogger Workbook - Keshia M White

Here's what you'll learn with this workbook:

How to define your blog niche and target market so you can avoid having a scattered, unfocused blog that will not captivate an audience

How to establish your blogging goals and strategies for monetizing your blog, so you can craft your website around them to get the results you want

How to create your very own brand style, including brand colors and fonts, for a unique image that fits you

How to plan layouts for each page on your website

An organized, step-by-step list of the content that you need for each page on your website, so you can get on the web effortlessly and quickly, without having to make guesses about what should go where

How to create high quality blog content that people actually want to read

A checklist with directions with screenshots on how to design your own website on Squarespace

Go ahead and save yourself some time and headache by using this workbook to get your new blog off the ground now! Start that blog that you've been dreaming of! 


P.S. The workbook has PDF pages that you can type directly into as you do the work! 

The Brand New Blogger Workbook
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About Me and My Web Design/Blogging Background

Keshia M White

I've been blogging for three years and refining my web design skills and freelancing for two years. I have a Certificate in Web Design at Kennesaw State University and I completed a Visual Design course at General Assembly. I have worked on numerous freelance projects for clients, like websites, product photography, and logo design, so I know how to communicate the most relevant info that can help bloggers to create websites that grow an audience faster.