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My design packages are for passionate entrepreneurs, who are determined to create businesses and lives they love…but they need the web design and branding to support them.

These people have a vision for themselves and their brands and they’re serious about working with a professional Web Designer to bring those visions to life! Well, by working with me, I’ll develop branding that’ll showcase your authentic self, while helping you engage your audience. I’ll cheer you on and make it a fun process, as we work together. I’ll design the website around your business goals, so you can actually see the results you’re looking for. Websites shouldn’t only be pretty, but they must also be strategic to be a valuable investment.

I believe the web design process should be fun and effortless.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started. I got into web design in 2014 when I started a lifestyle blog. Originally, I was just doing it for a fun, creative hobby and I wanted to share my interests online with others. But I developed a passion for web design along the way.

I wanted to get better and better at design as I went along, so I pursued additional education in the field. I took evening classes to earn a Web Design Certificate and a class on Visual Design at General Assembly.

This education taught me how to create beautiful and strategic websites with a clear process to make it super easy and efficient for both me and my clients.

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My Process

I know it can be frustrating when you don’t know what to expect from a process like this, so I wanted to be totally transparent with my specific framework so you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. This will help us keep the project on track and it’ll give you peace of mind because you’ll know progress is being made on your project.

I start with a free consultation to really understand your needs, and if you decide to work with me, we’ll use a project management tool to keep things on track (don’t worry, it’s super easy to use and I’ll even show you how to use it). You’ll be in for a premium web design experience.

I don’t only want you to end up with a great website and branding, but I want you to leave feeling like you had a wonderful experience working together. Here’s an overview of my process in the photo below.

To hear about my process in detail, check out my podcast episode, “What Happens During a Professional Web Design Process?” where I cover my process from start to finish, so you know exactly what you’d be getting!

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Pricing & Packages


More on the email bonus!

I used to work as a Small Business Consultant at one of the top providers of email marketing automation software for small biz, so I want to use that expertise to help you develop an opt-in incentive to help you grow your email list. I’ll design the PDF for you, along with an on-brand banner image and signature for your emails. I’ll also connect your website to your email provider (MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc.). I want your website to not only be beautiful, but also purposeful—so it helps you grow your email list and get more inquiries/sales.

Note: Payment plan options are available for both packages.

Client TestimonialS

For someone considering hiring Keshia, I’d say DO IT. Keshia is thorough, kind, and so easy to work with.
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“Keshia was fantastic and delivered everything with plenty of time! During the consultation video call, I liked being able to see her face and she was so warm and welcoming that I trusted her pretty immediately. I loved that each step was tracked out at the beginning of the process, so there was no guessing about progress. The design will create a very personal brand identity that will help people gain an understanding of Ness as an artist. For someone considering hiring Keshia, I’d say DO IT. Keshia is thorough, kind, and so easy to work with. Her communication is phenomenal and timely. She produced an end result that really fit our vision.”

-Tylah Gantt, Ness Nite

If you are looking for a website designer with style and pizazz, I highly recommend Keshia White!!!

Working with Keshia on my startup business web design was easy and economical. Keshia is extremely creative and has a very artistic eye. She was very professional and asked great questions which enabled me to share my vision for my website. Not only did she design a beautiful site, she also created a logo that I absolutely love. I am very thankful that I found her and am happy to serve as a reference for anyone who is serious about creating a website with a modern look that is easy to navigate.

-Veleda Simon Simpson, Founder of Project Higher Ed

Keshia was very thorough in her research before producing my website.

I filled out questionnaires and we found samples and both got a really good understanding of the desired outcome.  She was very communicative throughout the entire process.  I was extremely satisfied with the finished product.

-Megan Gilchrist, Glchrst (YOMEGZ)

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