The Website & Brand Design Package

Website and brand design isn’t just a bunch of pretty photos and fonts with some complicated code mixed in. I believe it’s a mix of strategy and intentional branding, so your website can help you achieve your business goals. I do that with my 4 signature areas of focus listed below.

1. Custom Brand Design: Your branding should fit your signature style, helping you create brand recognition and appeal to your target audience. We’ll develop custom branding together—for your website, social media pages, and email marketing messages—that’ll show you off in the BEST way possible online.


2. Website Content Auditing: We want to make sure your website content is compelling, so it’ll help you engage website visitors. I’ll help you decide on the best photography and copy to be the most effective. I’ll even connect you to professional photographers and copywriters, if needed.


3. Strategic Website Build: We’ll develop a plan for a website that has the layout and features to get your audience to take action—like signing up for your email list, inquiring about working with you, and purchasing products. We’ll also streamline client processes that involve your website, so you’ll be able to provide a wonderful experience for anyone working with you.


4. Email Marketing Bonus: I know how crucial email marketing is to business growth. I’ll work with you to help you develop an email opt-in incentive that you can offer on your website to help grow your email list. And I’ll even design it in a custom PDF to match your new brand design!


With my help, you’ll have an elevated image online that matches your vision for your brand, helping to take your business to that next level. Your website will position you as a top-notch expert, helping you get more email subscribers/leads, more inquiries and product purchases, and even streamlining some of your client processes.

This package starts at $1,997 with payment plans available.

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