Podcast: How to Shift Your Mindset Away from Fear

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Too often in life, we let fear RULE our lives. We let it stop us from going after what we really want. We let it make us settle for less than we’re capable of. And we let it keep us stuck and unhappy. I knew that by diving into entrepreneurship, that I’d have some mindset work to do to really go for it and to enjoy the process of building a new business.

While I was pretty used to uncertainty in my day jobs, because I was in sales. (Sales is the most unpredictable department to work in.) But with sales, it was uncertainty around reaching quota or fear around not reaching quota, which was familiar to me. And the fear around entrepreneurship was totally different.

However, by retraining my mind and seeing it in a new light and focusing on what I DO want, instead of what I don’t want, I’ve made the startup process wayyy more relaxed and fun. I don’t believe many things in life are as hard as we like to tell ourselves they are, especially with entrepreneurship, but we make it harder because of how we choose to view them.

In this podcast, I talk about 4 ways that I’ve retrained my mind to focus on the good, to feel good as a move through my journey, and to relax to allow the best outcomes to flow into my life.

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