Video: How to Capture More Leads with Your Website

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One of the top priorities for coaching and consulting businesses is capturing more high quality leads. Your business thrives on a continuous flow of new clients, so you must have the right strategies in place to keep the leads coming in!

Oftentimes, coaches and consultants don’t realize that they could be better utilizing their brands and their online homes, their websites, as one of their top lead generation tools. When done well, your brand and online home can be generating a continuous flow of high quality leads for your business.

There are a few simple steps that you can implement to make your brand and online home a robust lead generation tool!

Tip #1: Speak directly to your target clients on your online home.

In the copy you write on your online home, your website, be sure to directly address the specific types of clients who you want to work with. When you speak directly to your ideal clients, instead of using vague language, you’re creating a stronger connection that will inspire more them to take action to take that next step with you, whether it’s to book a consultation or get on your email list.

Tip #2: Offer quality, captivating opt-in incentives in multiple places on your online home.

When you can offer something of value to your ideal clients who may not be ready to work with you right away, you’ll be able to capture many more leads. About 97% of the people who visit your online home won’t be ready to do business with you right away. And that’s ok. Because when you have a quality opt-in incentive that captures their attention and gives them a quick win, such as a free training, a free guide or a free case study showing results you’ve gotten for your clients—basically anything that offers valuable information to your target clients, while showing off your expertise, you’ll still be able to capture their contact info so you can keep in touch with them via your email list to warm them up for working with you in the future.

Tip #3: Include a chat widget on your online home.

By including a chat widget on your your website, you provide an easy way for someone with a burning question about your services to get help from you or someone on your team. And at the same time, you’re capturing a new lead, because you can ask for their email with your chat widget form. It’s a great way to show how approachable and helpful your business is and it gets the conversation started with a potential client. You can even send them a follow up email afterwards to see if they have other questions or to see if they’d like to schedule a consultation with you.

A great free tool for adding a chat widget is Drift!

Tip #4: Include a scheduling tool on your online home for ease of scheduling consultations with you.

For that 3% of people who may be ready to work with you right away, you can encourage them to go ahead and take the first step in your process. Typically for coaches and consultants, that’s a consultation. Whether the initial consultation is free or paid, you can include an appointment scheduling tool on your online home to allow potential clients to schedule their consultations and to accept payments for paid consultations without having to take an extra step to contact you first. Making this super easy to do makes a great first impression for your clients.

Tip #5: Include a contact form/email address on your online home.

A classic contact form never goes out of style! You definitely don’t want to be the person whose website hides away their direct contact info in obscurity. You always want to have a general contact form, along with your business email address to allow people to easily get in touch with you. These may be people who aren’t quite ready to schedule an appointment straight away, but they may have questions about what you do, so by having your contact page with a contact form and business email, you’re making it easy for them to get in touch with you!

That’s it! Those are 5 tips for capturing more leads with your brand and website! For more on this topic, check out my free training, How Six Figure Coaches & Consultants are Creating Premium Positioning and Attracting 4 and 5 Figure Clients Consistently. See you there!


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